20th Anniversary of "The Easter Bunny Song" 

ALERT! Has anyone seen the Easter Bunny?


It was Sunday evening and a convoy of cars were returning from a cottage up in Otter Lake after a fun weekend away. I was riding shotgun in the trailing vehicle enjoying what amounted to be a peaceful ride along the countryside. Suddenly, out from some bushes to the left of the lead car came a rabbit. Not the Easter Bunny kids... just a plain, old, run-of-the-mill rabbit who darted across the oncoming lane and very nearly made it across our lane when the little furry fellow met his untimely demise. It was quick, unquestionable, and although I'm sure his dispatch was as painless as it was swift, it still exuded a guttural and collective "Oooooooh!" from all within our vehicle.


Onward went the convoy without so much as a hiccup and we made it home safely, securely and still with plenty of daylight. Daylight that would prove handy for all of us to inspect the lead vehicle whose driver adamantly denied ever coming close to Elmer Fudding good ol' Bugs.


Alas, with little effort we found our proof. There, firmly nestled on the rear fender was an oh-so-soft tuft of rabbit fur... proving, without a doubt, what all five passengers of our car had been claiming.


One of those passengers just happened to be the young son of the driver of the lead car and, without stopping to think of the possible repercussions and how deeply I might scar this 11 year old boy, (I know, I know... cut me some slack, eh? I was still nearly a decade away from having kids of my own, so... who knew?) anyway, I leaned over... nudged him... and let slip "Psst! Your Mommy killed the Easter Bunny!"


He laughed 'til he almost cried and proceeded to jump up and down repeating over and over "My Mommy killed the Easter Bunny! My Mommy killed the Easter Bunny!"


My good friend Johnny Lowrey, the driver of our vehicle and quite possibly my most loyal fan, said to me "Luc, you've got to write a song about that one!" ...By breakfast the next morning, I had written this little ditty aptly named... "The Easter Bunny Song"...

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